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BBC news: Estuary viable says the Mayor (21.01.2009)

Sunday Times: ‘Boris Island’ airport may replace Heathrow (21.09.2008)

Sunday Times: How to escape Heathrow hell (02.03.2008) - copy

BBC Kent: Row over airport for Kent (13.02.2008)

Sunday Times: Heathrow-on-Sea (10.02.08) - copy

The Times: Heathrow's in the wrong place (23.11.07)

The Independent: Why Heathrow should be scrapped (07.08.07)

Planning in London: THAMES REACH TUNNEL – An integrated idea   (No.60 Jan/Mar 2007)

Planning in London: Heathrow,_a_retirement_plan  (No.60 Jan/Mar 2007)

The Financial Times: Airport expansion plans face High Court challenge  (14.06.04)

The Guardian: Campaigners challenge airports plan  (08.03.04)

Scotsman - Public 'Misled' over Airport Expansion Options (05.12.03)

BBC News - Sheppey 'another airport option' (05.12.03)

Wandsworth Council - News extra - Aircraft noise (02.11.03)

The Architect's Journal: Environmental Hoo-ha (13.11.03) - text only

The Guardian: Greenfield airport plan re-examined (26.08.03)

The Evening Standard: Third Kent airport plan (13.02.03)

The Daily Telegraph: Estuary airport urged to replace Cliffe plan (11.02.03)


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TRA - Response in opposition to the Heathrow expansion (Feb 2008)

BLUEBASE presentation: TCPA conference in Manchester (Nov 2006)

BLUEBASE press release: Why is a winning solution being played-down? (25.10.03)

SERAS: Halcrow assessment of Thames Estuary airports (Dec 2003)

BLUEBASE report: Airport location plan (30.06.03)

BLUEBASE report: Second main submission  (30.06.03)

SeaTech report: Bird management report (30.06.03)

BLUEBASE report: First main submission (30.10.02)

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