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    private sector proposal for SERAS consultation process
Bluebase has initially developed Thames Reach Airport in 2002, following the SASIG report 'Does Aviation Matter', with the conviction that the airport and associated infrastructure benefits will transform the Thames Gateway region into a well-serviced, world-class, 21st century metropolis.

The project has developed with the support of leading UK consultants in aviation, construction, transportation, finance and cost planning. A September 2002 Prospectus has been forwarded to strategic planning bodies, aviation and construction groups and other interested parties prior to submission to the DfT, as part of the SERAS consultation process.

The key strategy for Thames Reach Airport, within the realm of the Government's SERAS/Cliff proposal, is the development of an airport led by the construction of a multi-modal Lower Thames Tunnel under Thames Sea Reach. The tunnel and associated infrastructure connections are independently valuable to the Thames Gateway region.


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early comparative overlay with SERAS Cliff (option 4+1)

> Initiated by Bluebase with the support of leading UK consultants.

> Presented to strategic planning, aviation, construction finance and business organisations over the last 5 years, and to the Government.

> An integrated scheme embracing a broad transport solution for the South East

> Within the consultation realm of the SERAS/Cliff proposal

> Funds available, subject to the degree of Government support

> Responds to the local environmental concerns.

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